Race Processing

The Clock Station

This is a typical hardware configuration that I use following a race at the club headquarters. (MNFC Clock Station setup). 

Note: It is possible to attach the Unikon Base Unit to the Bricon Ring Marker and extract the data from the Unikon clocks. However, you can’t attach the Bricon Speedy to the Unikon Unives cable and extract the data. Therefore you have to use the Bricon Club Master and the Bricon Club Editor to extract the Bricon Data. This process is explained in the clip below. 

Stage 1 - Is the race setup?

Make sure you have setup your race and that you have amended your members and birds sent to the race.  Click here to view clip

Stage 2 - Extracting Unikon Data

You must print the hard copy from the clock first and sign the sheets in the normal way. In the software select Unikon. Now observe the following clip of this process.

Stage 3 - Extracting Bricon Data

You need to have the Bricon Club software installed on your machine. This can be downloaded from the Bricon website. You also need to register the software with Mark Palmer and Mark will send you a code which unlocks the calculator section of the software. 

Bricon Club Software  Email: Mark Palmer    (This information may take up to a week to receive as Mark has to get the code from Belgium).

Observe the following clip to extract the Bricon Data from the Bricon Club Software.

Stage 4- Creating manual clocks data file.

To create a data file for manual clocks use the following section of the software. 

Processing Race Results

To process the results click on the picture below to observe how to calculate the results. 

Filtering Results

To filter results select the Filter Results Icon and select the number of birds per fancier. If you click the Filter X button the filter will be taken away. Observe the following clip

Printing Race Results and emailing Race Results

Publishing to PigeonTube

When your result is complete you can publish it to PigeonTube and then all your organisation can view the organisation results.

With Federations the organisation can compile results by publishing to the website.

Click on the image below to observe how to publish to PigeonTube. 

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