Welcome to the training site. 

Task 1

Download the latest version of the software. The link has been sent to you by email along with your username and password for your club. You will have received some basic written instructions. Please read task 1 and watch the clip below. If you lose your details please use the Contact Us form to have the email sent again to your registered user. If your club changes the registered person (usually club secretary) then please inform Derren Brown at the RPRA email: derren.brown@rpra.org A new username and password will be issued and the RPRA registration process updated. Previous login details will no longer be able to access your club. 

First Time login

Enter your username and password. 

You need to tick the box the first time you login as this sets your username and permissions. You need Internet access the first time logging in. 

Click PLAY BUTTON on the image to start the video training sessions

TASK 2 - Synchronising your database with the RPRA cloud - Internet Access required. 

This task sets up all your members details for. You have to synchronise your database and then all members details will be installed on your machine ready for you to use. 


Please check that all your club membership details are correct. If you have any alterations please email the RPRA and let them know the alterations to member details. (Note: Add correct email address).