Training Videos will be added for each of these frequently asked questions.

1. How do we amend a result? Please res through Task 13. 

2. How do I add hours of darkness for channel events? Task 7

3. If my laptop breaks during the season can I recover all my data and results from the cloud at a click of a button? (Yes Simply download the software login and synchronise your database. Download previous race events and you are back up and running. You can carry on with current races and then download previous ones later. 

4. How do we setup our organisation so that prizes and pools can be added to our race? Task 8. Also you can ask for some help through email. You may have an existing competition which may need some thought of how to use the range of pools. The software is designed to run samll clubs or national organisations. 

5. Do you have a fancy report that automatically produces the header for national races? It is possible to save the results in Excel and then you can amend as necessary. 

6. Can I amend a result on the results website? Yes simply press publish to the web. The program overwrites the result. This is really useful for federations. Simply down load all clubs results into the federation result and publish straight away to the results website. You can process prizes and pools later and ten republish the result.