Mapping your membership based on Post Code may be very useful if you wish to allocate members to different sections. Google also validates postcodes and gives you a list of errors or missing contact details. You can check post codes with the Post Office website or find the member’s application form. This will help reduce race books possibly going missing in the post due to post code error. 


Download and install the free Google Earth Pro


1.     Extract all your member details from RPRA-TPRS software. Select Member setup. Select Export to Excel. Your membership details will be extracted into two Excel files. Name the first one your club number 1 and the second file club number 2 e.g. NE5_1 NE5_2 

2.     Open the excel file NE5_1. Save the file as a csv file. Select Save As then on the drop down menu select the format .csv (Observe video tutorial). 

3.     Open Up Google Earth Pro. Select Import data. You are going to import the csv file and Google Earth can map the data using the member’s post code. 

4.     Click on the icon on the Google Earth map to reveal the member’s loft details. Go back into RPRA-TPRS program and change the member’s section.


Please note you can use Google Earth to map new loft locations.