Once you have gathered your data into batch files, you can use the race data to process as many organisation's results. The following video clip demonstrates what is possible at a national clock station using one laptop. 

1. National Race - Process clock station result and upload it to the RPRA cloud PigeonTube. The National race secretary can download and compile a full race result using the same skills as as a federation secretary with attached clubs. Simply download clock station results in the main national account. 

2. Using the same software login to a local club account and use the same batch data to produce a local club channel result. Continue to mange the club as normal. This saves a secretary lots of time by not having to type in all the data again. 

3. Login to another local club and use the same data again for another organisation using the same batch data.

The following example shows how easy it is to mange the races. 

Note: Please feel free to discuss duplication races so that we can help structure your organisations. Your local club may want to become a National clock station and replicate channel events as in the example above.