RPRA National Database Project - TPS & PigeonTube

Please click on the image and observe the following presentation which explains what RPRA National Database is about and how your organisation can be involved in the project. 

TRPS Installation Instructions


1.     Download program from TRPS Download

2.     Go to download folder and double click the executable.

3.     Hit next button for all prompts until installation complete message is displayed.  Close form.

4.     Go to your desktop and double click “TPRS” icon.

5.     Program will start and perform final setup. 

6.     When message below is displayed, click the ok button.

7.     Restart application by double clicking “TRPS” icon.

8.     Enter username and password as given to you. Please email Viv Oliver at viv@tinekebdc.co.uk

9.     Further instructs can be found here TRPS Training Videos.

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