MNFC Clock Stations

You must print all hard copies directly from the members clock and follow existing MNFC clock station procedures. This sets the master timer records within the clock. Having printed the hard copy you can extract the data from the clock. Please observe the clips in Race Processing if you haven’t used the software before. At our clock station I print the hard copy and then extract the data. One clock at a time. Some clock stations prefer to print all hard copies and then extract the data from the clocks in one go. The software enables you to decide which you want to do. 

Sending the data through to the Race Secretary is really easy to complete. You have to extract the data from the clocks and create your batch ID. Call your Batch ID Your clock station name and number e.g. Belton29 or Grimsby97  (10 Characters max).  Follow the stages below. All your members and distances have been added for your clock station. Should you have a new member watch the video clip adding new members.

Stage 1 Extract the data from the ETS clocks. This will create a batch file e.g. Belton29 = MNFC Clock Station 29

Stage 2 You can process the results and create a result for your clock station. (Optional. Once you have the batches process them and observe the result at your clock station). 

Stage 3 You can upload the clock station result to PigeonTube. (Optional but membership can see clock station results).

Stage 4 You can send results for race processing by the MNFC Race Secretary. Observe the following clip.

Sending the results to the MNFC Race Secretary

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