The National, Specialist Club or Federation Secretary designs the race program and pool structure for the organisation and uploads the information to the cloud. 

Clubs attached to the federation or clock stations linked to the parent organisation synchronises their database and their organisation is setup. Members details, distances and the race program organised by the parent organisation. 

Once the birds have been liberated the parent secretary alters the liberation time and uploads to the cloud. The club secreatries or clock station officers synchronise the races. 

Local results are then processed and uploaded to the results site. The National secretary or Federation secretary can then download the results and process pools and complete the process and upload the final results. 

Setting up the clock stations for a specialist club or grouping a federation with a club is done by the RPRA team. Each clock station has its own login details controlled by the RPRA. 

Please observe the following video clip for an example. 

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EXTRA RACE SECURITY for National Races, Federations centrally marked races

This function is available now. It requires one laptop at a marking station. After the birds are marked on ETS the  marking station official synchronises the clock which takes about 20 seconds. 

1. A fancier presents his/her birds in the the normal way at a marking station. The marking team mark their birds in the normal way. The ETS clock is passed back to the Officer in Charge (OIC).  Whilst the fancier signs the race entry sheet the OIC places the clock into the ETS system and extracts the marking data. 

This method of marking has been used at the Lords MP race and trialled at Grimsby marking station. It takes the same time as signing the sheet for a fancier to have the data taken from the clock. 

This places the fanciers data into the cloud. It includes the RPRA member number, the life rings and chip rings on the birds, the clock serial number and the times the birds were marked.

2. Clock Station or Club. When a fancier has the clock read off, result produced and the result posted to the cloud the fanciers RPRA number, clock serial number, Life and chip rings and result times are posted to the RPRA cloud. 

3. A secretary can run the report at the end of a result which should prove to be blank. If there is a discrepancy between serial numbers chip rings etc then the report will display member name serial number etc. 

This provides a complete check on the club’s normal paperwork trail. 

Once the Marking Station Official has extracted the marking data the encrypted process will send the information at the first available opportunity with Internet connection. The entire marking entry list of birds sent with ETS can be exported to Excel. This is how the Lords MPs are allocated to individual pigeons before a race takes place. Once the result has been completed a query is run to produce a result for the Lords MP Race and have it available for publication. 

This security is available and training can be given when an organisation is ready to use it.